The Ministers’ Institute has established a motif in the setting forth of the term greatness and it is inculcated in the decision to honor the ministerial greats of our brotherhood.  We believe the greats who are meaningfully successful share a special power.  They take seriously the Lord’s last conversation with His disciples (Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-16; Acts 1:8; Luke 24:44-47).  They believe, literally, that this is their mission as well as their commission.  To that end, they conduct their ministry with a sense of purpose.  Their priorities are clear and they orchestrate the events of their ministry and their lives with a masterful touch.  Their genius and vision reflect the truth that is buried in their spirit.

Academic attainments, while admirable, do not, in and of themselves, determine the greatness of a gospel preacher.  Many, who without such, blazed the theological wilderness of religious error and made smooth the paths of generations of gospel preachers yet unborn.  We submit that greatness is a mosaic composed of very small stones.  Each taken by itself may be viewed as little value.  But when grouped together, combined and set, they form a true work of art…the hallmark of achievement and greatness.  We congratulate the recipients and honor them for their contributions to the human condition.