Greetings and Felicitations My Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus: 

We welcome you to the 44th Annual Lauderdale Lectures and Ministers’ Institute Conference.  We are eagerly looking forward to your being with us January 19-23, 2020.  Our overall theme has been decided, “The Word of the Holy Spirit in the Christian Believer, Part II”.  The study of the Holy Spirit is so vast, we determined to do a Part II.  Part II will cover, as best we can, not all that the word of God says concerning the work of the Holy Spirit.  The focus in the 2020 lectures is to note some selected features of the Spirit’s work in the plan of salvation and to describe the manner in which He accomplishes His work. 

We launch this 2020 Institute based upon the premise that the Holy Spirit does His work through the Word.  What the work is, how that work is accomplished through the Word.  Finally, one must hear and obey the Word in order for the Spirit to accomplish His work in the Christian believer.  We launch believing that the Holy Spirit once spake through inspired men; now He speaks to us in the inspired book, the New Testament.  In a word, we believe a Christian must hear what the Spirit saith to the churches (Rev. 2:7) by reading and obeying His Word.  Therefore, “Blessed is he that readeth (Rev. 1:3). 

Most of the modern discussion about the Holy Spirit centers and focuses upon His supposedly ongoing miraculous and revelatory ministries.  Despite what we see and hear on our radio and television religious ministries, the Holy Spirit is not revealing new truth and prophecies today.  Nor is He deploying miraculous power at the whim of the television faith healers and prosperity preachers.  In point of fact, the Holy Spirit’s work always centers on the Word of God.  Our intent at the 2020 Institute is to show this proposition through our study of “The Illumination of the Holy Spirit” and the “Empowerment of the Holy Spirit”.  

A NEW and Added Feature of the 2020 Institute.

The Institute staff has added a new feature to the 2020 Institute format.  This new educational feature is the WASHINGTON-WELLS Lectures Series.  This lecture series will focus upon the relevancy of the pioneer message.  The results attained, and congregations established. 

(SPEAKER(S):  Each year a speaker from that genre or near genre will be chosen to speak to the Institute on the importance of the apostolic message in the 21st Century and how that message fits into modern church growth. 

Now is the time to begin preparing to share in this great study of the work of the Holy Spirit!  Cheap airline tickets are in abundance to Fort Lauderdale in January!  Share in this great study of the Holy Spirit! 

I. The work of the  Holy Spirit in the Believer

II. How Does the Holy Spirit Empower the Believer?

III. The Benefits the Holy Spirit Brings to the Life of All Believers

IV. The Guarantee of the Holy Spirit

V. How Does the Spirit Dwell in the Believer?

VI. How Do I Know I Have the Indwelling of the Spirit?

The Holy Spirit unites us to Jesus Christ and to His body.  He reveals Christ to us, gives us His life, and make Christ alive in us!  It is our contention here at the Institute that the Holy Spirit is not a footnote, an afterthought, nor stranger! 

2019 Reservation Information 

The clarion call is extended to all men and women of God to prepare NOW to attend the 44th Lauderdale Lectures and Ministers’ Institute Conference.   In 2020 the Institute will convene at: 

Marriott Coral Springs Hotel, Golf Club and Convention Center Fort Lauderdale 

Coral Springs, FL 


Be advised that the deadline for registration is December 20th, 2019.  Be further advised that this is the “Gold Coast” of Florida and, in addition, it is “the season” here.  Prices will be through the roof if you do not register early.  The Institute has negotiated a $174.00 per night rate for all our guests.  In order to get this price, you must register before the deadline of December 20, 2019! 

Institute registration will remain at $160.00.  You are encouraged to send your registration early so you will be assured of free Institute gifts, packet, annual banquet and our annual Institute breakfast.  We look forward with anticipatory glee in seeing you here at: 

The Ministers’ Institute 

January 19th – January 23rd, 2020 

(When registering, please reference Golden Heights Church of Christ Ministers’ Institute.) 


W. F. Washington, Ph.D. 

W. F. Washington, Ph.D., Evangelist